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mata Colomba "hilton" hotel ekata yanna oni
I want to go "Hilton" hotel in Colombo
mata "shopping" yanna oni
I want to go shopping
mata "airport" ekata yanna oni
i want to go to the Airport
mehe restaurant ekak thiyanawada?
is there any restaurant around here?
naa, food court ekak nam thiyanawa
No, but there is a food court here
Hilton hotel eka gaawata keeyada?
how much to the Hilton Hotel?
mehe balanna watina than thiyanawada?
is there any attractions around here?
meh kaama eka hari rahai
this food taste so good.
gaana adu karanna barida?
can you reduce the price?
mama heta aapahu USA yanawa
I go back to USA tomorrow