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act on
do whatever is advised / suggested
act up
behave awkwardly or badly
answer (sb) back
speak rudely to sb
answer back
defend oneself
answer for
be responsible for sth / pay for sth / vouch for
answer to
be under the command of sb / have the characteristics described
back down
cease to oppose
back out of
withdraw from
back up
be beneath sb
be demeaning
be down on sb
be hostile to sb
be down with
be ill (with disease)
be in for sth / it
have good reason to expect trouble or retribution
be / get in with sb
to be or become popular or friendly with someone, especially in order to gain an advantage
be into
(informal) take an interest in sth
be off
(1) cease to want or be interested in sth, (2) have come loose, detached from sth, (3) stay away from work / school, (4) cancel, (5) be bad, unhealthy (usu. food)
be on
be shown on television, at the cinema
be out
(1) be in bloom, (2) be extinguished, (3) be removed, (4) be absent (from home or work), (5) be wrong in calculation, (6) be unfashionable
be up to sb
to be the responsibility of someone
be up to sth
(informal) to be doing sth, often sth bad or illegal, usually secretly
bear on
be relevant to
bear with
be patient