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call off
live on sb/sth
get the money needed from
live through
experience over time
live up to
reach the standard that may be expected
live with
tolerate / accept sth and endure it
meet with
have as a reaction
miss out
forget to include
move on to
pass to another subject
narrow down
note down
pass over
hand over
phase out
gradually stop using
piece together
discover gradually
put about
spread (false) reports
put across
put aside / by
save for later use
put away
put into confinement
put back
put down
write in a particular place
put down to
attribute to
put forward
put in (a request)
make an official request
put in for
(1) apply for, (2) make an official request
put off
(1) discourage, (2) postpone
put on
(1) gain weight, (2) pretend to have, (3) advance, (4) clothe oneself with, (5) present
put out
put sb up
give accommodation to
put sth behind one
deliberately forget
put through
(1) carry sth out, (2) cause sb to undergo (an ordeal)
put through to sb
connect by telephone
put up with