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run across
find by chance
run after
run away
leave (school
run away with an idea
accept it without careful thinking even though it is wrong
run behind
be delayed
run down
(1) criticise, (2) gradually stop functioning, (3) run sb down (with a vehicle)
run in
use a new vehicle carefully
run into
(1) meet by chance, (2) collide with
run off
produce quickly
run out of
exhaust the supply of sth
run through
(1) rehearse, (2) use up
run up
accumulate (bills etc)
run up against
encounter difficulties
see about
make arrangements for
see off
accompany a traveller to his/her train etc
see out
accompany sb to an exit
see over
inspect properly
see through
(1) not be deceived, (2) support sb through a difficult time
see to
take care of
settle down
live a more permanent life-style
settle for
accept sth (less than expected)
settle in
become used to a new house or job
settle on
decide on
settle up
pay (a debt, a bill etc)