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set about
set aside
save for a special purpose
set back
set sb back
cost sb a lot of money
set in
begin (of a period, usu. bad)
set off
(1) start a reaction, (2) begin a journey (=set out)
set an animal on sb
cause an animal to attack sb
set out
begin a task / job with a specific intention
set up
(1) establish (a record), (2) start a business, (3) erect
stand by
(1) remain loyal to sb, (2) do nothing to stop a bad situation, (3) be ready for action
stand down
resign from a position
stand for
(1) support sth, (2) mean, symbolise, (3) tolerate, (4) enter oneself for election
stand in for
replace temporarily
stand out
be conspicuous / obvious
stand up for
defend; support
stand up to
defend oneself against