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take aback
take after
look like a relative
take against
dislike sb
take away
take back
withdraw a statement or comment
take down
(1) write down, (2) remove sth from a high place
take in
(1) deceive, (2) allow sb to stay in one's home, (3) understand, (4) make clothes smaller
take off
(1) remove (clothing), (2) leave the ground (of aeroplanes etc), (4) brgin to succeed (of plans, ideas)
take on
(1) undertake sth, (2) employ staff, (3) accept sb as an opponent
take out
(1) extract, remove, (2) accompany sb to a theatre etc
take over
take control of sth esp in place of sb else
take sb for
mistake sb/sth for sb/sth else
take to
(1) find agreeable; like, (2) begin a habit, (3) escape to, hide in
take up
(1) begin a hobby sport etc, (2) occupy space
take up with
become involved in (usu derog)