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talk about
(1) gossip about sb, (2) consider
talk at
speak to sb without listening to their replies
talk back
reply rudely
talk down to
speak to sb as if they were less clever than oneself
talk into
persuade sb to do sth
talk out
settle a problem by talking
talk out of
persuade sb not to do sth
talk round
persuade sb to agree to sth
tell against
spoil chances of success
tell apart
tell off
think of
take sth into account
think out
prepare plans carefully
think over
reflect upon sth before making a decision
think up
invent or devise sth
turn away
refuse admittance to sb
turn down
(1) reject an offer, (2) reduce heat etc
turn in
go to bed
turn sb in
report to the authorities
turn into
convert, change
turn off
switch off
turn on
switch on
turn out
(1) assemble as a crowd, (2) produce, (3) prove to be
turn over
fall on one side
turn sth over (in one's mind)
think carefully about sth
turn to
go to sb for help
turn up
(1) arrive, (2) increase volume