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throw about/around
scatter sth
throw away
discard sth as useless
throw sth back at sb
remind sb of sth bad they did in the past
throw off
escape from, get free of
throw oneself into
begin to do sth energetically and enthusiastically
throw oneself on sb/sth
rely on sb/sth
throw sb out
force sb to leave
throw sth out
get rid of unwanted items
throw sb together
bring people into contact with each other
throw up
(1) give up (a job etc), (2) vomit
try on
check the fit (of clothes)
try out
wear away
become thin, damaged, weak by constant use
wear off
disappear gradually (effect of sth)
wear out
use until useless (of clothes etc)
work off
(1) overcome the effects of sth (energy, stress, anger), (2) repay by working (a debt)
work on
be occupied with
work out
(1) find a solution by reasoning, (2) turn out successfully
work up
(1) develop, (2) excite, (3) advance (in business)