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balance against
assess in relation to
bank on
depend on
bear out
support the truth of
become of
used for asking what has happened / what will happen to sb or sth, because you are worried about them
blink at
show surprise
blow over
stop and be forgotten
blow up
book up
to make a reservation (for)
break away
escape from captivity
break down
(1) fail to function, (2) lose control of feelings
break down into
separate something into a number of parts
break in
(1) interrupt, (2) enter a building by force
break into
suddenly start doing sth
break off
end sth suddendly
break out
(1) start suddenly (of violent events), (2) escape from a place
break through
(1) make a discovery, (2) become visible, (3) achieve success despite obstacles or difficulties
break up
(1) end a relationship, (2) disperse
break with sth
to intentionally not continue doing something that is normal, expected, or traditional; give up a practice
brush up
improve (by study)
build up
acquire gradually / accumulate