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bring about
bring in
introduce (law / idea)
bring off
succeed in sth difficult
bring on
cause an illness
bring out
publish / release
bring round / to
cause sb to regaing consciousness
bring up
(1) stop, (2) mention a subject, (3) vomit, (4) raise a child
call at
visit briefly
call back
ask to return
call for
call sb in
consult; to ask someone to come to help in a difficult situation
call off
call out
cause one to go on strike
call up
conscript (= enlist sb compulsorily into the armed forces)
carry off
succeed in doing sth difficult
carry on
(1) continue, (2) behave wildly
carry out
fulfil or perform sth
carry over
last from another time
carry through
complete sth in spite of difficulties
catch on
become popular
catch up
reach sb who is ahead
chip in
add one's share of money
clear of
find innocent
clear off
run away
clear out
get rid of unwanted things
clear up
(of the weather) brighten up
charge to
bill sb
charge with
publicly accuse sb of committing a wrong deed