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be done for
be ruined
come about
to happen, especially by chance
come across
find sth or meet sb by chance
come by
obtain sth
come down to
be passed to sb
come forward
(1) step forward, (2) to give evidence about a crime
come in
become fashionable
come into
inherit sth from sb
come on
(1) to make progress, or to achieve sth; to improve, (2) to start working by being switched on
come out
(1) become known, (2) be published
come out in sth
to have or develop an illness or symptom
come over
(1) to seem to be a particular type of person, (2) to come to a place
come over sb
to influence someone suddenly to behave in a particular way
come round / around to
change one's opinion to another point of view; be persuaded
come to / round / around
regain consciousness
come through
succeed in surviving or dealing with (an illness or ordeal)
come to
amount to a total
come up
come up to
reach, equal sth
come up with
have an idea about a way to solve a problem
deal in
trade in sth
deal with
tackle a problem; cope with
do away with
do down
do out of
deprive of
do up
fasten (a coat etc)
do with
need / would like
do without
manage in spite of lack
drive at
imply / suggest