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cheat out of
prevent sb from having sth usu. in an unfair way
check in
register as a guest at a hotel
check out
pay one's bill and leave a hotel
check up on
investigate sb's behaviour etc
cut back
reduce (outgoings)
cut down on
reduce (consumption)
cut in
interrupt sth
cut off
(1) isolate, (2) disconnect
cut out
draw in
shorten (of days)
draw on
use part of a reserve
draw out
draw up
come to a stop (of vehicles)
drop in
visit unexpectedly
drop off
drop out of
withdraw from
eat into
consume a part of sth
fall back
fall back on
turn to sth/sb for help when all else has failed
fall for
fall in love with sb
fall in
fall in with
agree to
fall off
decline; become smaller or lower
fall on / upon sb
attack fiercely or unexpectedly
fall out
fall through
fail to take place
feel for
fit in
mix well with others
fit up / out
furnish / equip
fly at
attack (with blows or words)
fold up
collapse or fail
head off
join up
become a member of the military