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get about
(1) move about, (2) spread (of news, gossip etc)
get across
make understood
get ahead
get along / on
be on friendly terms with sb
get at
get at sb
criticise, tease in an unkind way
get away with
escape punishment
get by
manage despite difficulties
get sb down
depress sb
get off
get off with
nearly escape punishment
get on
make progress
get on with
continue doing sth
get out of
get over
recover from
get round
get round to
find time
get through
contact by phone
get up to
be busy with sth surprising or undesirable
give up
(1) stop doing sth, (2) admit defeat
give (oneself) up
give away
(1) reveal, (2) give freely as a present
give in
(1) deliver, (2) yield
give off
send out / emit
give out
(1) come to an end, (2) announce, (3) distribute
hype up
exaggerate the value of sth