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go down
(of remarks, proposals etc) be received in a specified way
go down with
become ill
go for
be sold
go in for
take part in
go into
describe, examine in detail
go off
make a sudden loud noise
go on
go on with
continue sth esp after a pause
go round
be enough for everyone to have a share
go through
(1) examine sth closely or systematically, (2) consume
go up
be built
go with
be included in the price
hold back
(1) prevent development, (2) delay, (3) withhold
hold in
control (feelings, oneself)
hold off
(1) keep at a distance, (2) delay
hold on
hold out
(1) last, (2) resist
hold out for
wait to get sth desired
hold out on
keep a secret from sb
hold over
postpone to a later date
hold up
(1) rob (a bank, vehicle), (2) delay