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be kept in
be detained after normal hours as a punishment
keep at
continue working at
keep back
keep down
keep in with
continue to be friendly
keep on
continue doing sth
keep on at
continue talking in an irritating way
keep to
keep up (with)
(1) continue to do sth, (2) to pretend to do or feel sth, (3) to move at the same speed as sb or sth, (4) to learn new skills or information, (5) to prevent someone from going to bed
land in
get into trouble, difficulties
land up
to finally arrive at a place or situation after a series of events
lay aside
put aside
lay into
attack (with blows or words)
lay off
stop doing sth irritating
lay out
let down
(1) disappoint, (2) lower sth
let in for
involve in trouble etc
let in on
allow sb to share a plan, secret
let on
reveal a secret
let out
(1) make (a garment etc) looser or longer ( opp: take in), (2) utter a cry
let sb off
not punish severely
let sb through
allow sb to pass an exam or a test
let up
become less in degree
let up on
treat sb less severely