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be made up
lead on
persuade sb to believe or do sth by making false promises
look after
take care of
look ahead
think about the future
look at
look back
think about one's past
look down on
look for
search for
look in
pay a short visit
look into
investigate / examine the facts relating to sth
look on
watch sth without taking part
look onto
have a view
look out
watch out; be careful
look out for
(1) search in order to find sth, (2) be alert in order to see / find sb
look over
examine (a place)
look to
rely on sb
look up
(1) search for (a word) in a reference book, (2) visit esp after a long time
look up to
make for
head for
make off with
steal sth and hurry away with it
make out
(1) complete sth, (2) claim to be, (3) discern, (4) understand
make over
transfer the ownership of sth
make sth into
make up
(1) invent (a story), (2) end a quarrel, (3) compensate for sth, (4) put cosmetics on sb's face (5) form
make up for
compensate sb for the trouble one has caused them
rise up
rule out