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clear the air
remove suspicion / bad feeling
all along
from the beginning until now
all but
nearly, almost
be all in
all in all
when everything is considered
all the same
yet, however
all told
altogether, in total
be the apple of sb's eye
be very precious to sb; be sb's favourite
be up in arms
be very angry
for all
in spite of
for all I care
I don't care
for all I know
as far as I know
in the act of
while performing the act
in the air
(1) existing, but not talked about (2) felt by a number of people to be happening or about to happen
make allowances for
take special circumstances into consideration
make amends for
try to compensate for a past action
of all people
more than anyone else; surprisingly
on account of
because of
on no account
under / in no circumstances
on the air
broadcasting (opp: off the air)
on the alert
watchful and prepared / on the lookout / expecting sth
take into account
on this / that account
for this / that reason
whet sb's appetite
make sb eager to have / experience more
up in the air