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a long shot
a wild guess / a risk
a memory like a sieve
a poor memory
be all at sea
be in a state of confusion
be in sb's shoes
be in sb's position
be in the same boat
be in the same (usu bad) situation
be the spitting image of sb
look exactly like sb
be / get soaked to the skin
be / get very wet
a close shave
a situation in which you only just avoid something dangerous or unpleasant
behind the scenes
in secret
come out of one's shell
gain personal confidence
does it show?
is it obvious?
give sb the slip
escape from sb
go for a song
be sold very cheaply
go without saying
be a foregone conclusion
hit the sack
go to bed
live out of a suitcase
travel often / not have a permanent home
make quite a scene
become angry in a dramatic way
on a shoestring
on a very small budget
pull a few strings
use influential contacts in order to obtain an advantage
pull one's socks up
make a greater effort
sleep on it
think about sth
smell a rat
suspect that sth is wrong
spill the beans
reveal a secret / the facts
stand in sb's way
prevent sb from doing sth
take (sth) with a pinch of salt
not believe sth completely
the last straw
the last and worst episode in a chain of bad experiences