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(by) trial and error
learning from one's mistakes
be ahead of your time ( UK also before your time)
have modern ideas
be as thick as a brick
be stupid
be tickled pink
be really pleased
come to a standstill
not progress / stop
come to terms with
accept a difficult situation
for the time being
in a tick
shortly soon
in the nick of time
just in time
kill time
pass time while waiting for sb / sth
lay the table
prepare / set the table for a meal
not be one's cup of tea
not suit one's taste
on second thoughts
having changed one's mind
out of turn
not in the correct order / time
paint the town red
go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly
play truant
stay away from school without permission
put two and two together
arrive at the truth by looking at facts
red tape
unnecessary bureaucracy
take one's time
not hurry
through thick and thin
whatever happens
with uncertain result