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be all very well
appear satisfactory but in fact not be
on the up (and up)
improve steadily
be up and about
have recovered from an illness
drive (sb) up the wall
make sb angry / annoy sb
frosty welcome
unfriendly reception
get out of bed on the wrong side
be in a bad mood
get wind of
receive information about sth indirectly
give vent to
express sth freely
give way to
give in / yield
not hold water
not seem reasonable or in accordance with the facts
make a flying visit
make a quick trip
make waves
cause trouble
(it’s) little/no/small wonder (that)
not surprising
quick / slow on the uptake
quick / slow to understand
set in one's ways
fixed in one's habits / routines
speak volumes
be strong evidence of sb's feelings, merits etc
under the weather
depressed / unwell
up and coming
likely to be successful
ups and downs
good things alternating with bad ones
wet behind the ears