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an old wives' tale
false belief (usually about health)
be born yesterday
be easily deceived / naive
beat sb black and blue
hit sb repeatedly until bruised
go back on your word
not fulfil a promise (opp: keep one's word)
have a yellow streak (down sb's back)
be a coward
(not) have it both ways
(not) benefit from two incompatible ways of thinking or behaving
in the red
owe money to a bank (opp: in the black)
see red
suddenly become very angry
green belt
the area on the outskirts of a town adjoining the country
pitch black
very dark
black tie
formal clothing
green with envy
very jealous
green (matter / issue)
concerned with ecology
have words with sb
have an argument
have/keep (all) your wits about you
be alert and able to deal with difficulties
in deep water
in trouble / difficulty
make sb's day
make sb very happy
see / look at sth through rose-coloured spectacles
see sth from an unrealistically positive point of view
the black sheep of the family
a disgraced family member
the pot calling the kettle black
accusing sb of a fault one has oneself
the year dot
(informal) a long time ago
until you are blue in the face
as hard / long as one possibly can (usu without success)
red herring
sth which distracts you from sth important