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(fight) like cat and dog
(disagree) violently
(like) a bull in a china shop
behave in a clumsy / awkward way
make a dog's dinner (of sth)
(make) a mess (of sth)
a bear with a sore head
irritated / in a bad mood
a different kettle of fish
a totally different situation etc from the one just mentioned
a dog's life
a difficult, hard life
a fish out of water
sb who feels uncomfortable / in unfamiliar surroundings
a red rag to a bull
action comment etc liable to provoke sb
a sitting duck
an easy target
as busy as a bee / a busy bee
(sb) very busy
as the crow flies
in a direct line / by a direct route
be in the doghouse
be out of favour, in trouble
dog eat dog
ruthless competition, rivalry
(of books) with the corners bent and turned down through use
donkey work
boring, monotonous work
donkey's years
a long time
kill two birds with one stone
achieve two things with one action
let the cat out of the bag
reveal a secret
like water off a duck's back
having no effect
make a fool of oneself
make oneself look stupid / embarrassed / ridiculous
make a mountain out of a molehill
cause a fuss about a trivial matter
no room to swing a cat
no room at all
play cat and mouse with sb
treat sb alternatively cruelly and kindly
put the cat among the pigeons
cause trouble / controversy
swim like a fish
swim very well
talk the hind legs off a donkey
talk for a long time, uninterrupted
the rat race
the competitive nature of modern urban life
until the cows come home
for a long time
mutton dressed as lamb
dress in a style younger than / inappropriate to your age
sour grapes
negative attitude stemmed from jealousy
sweet tooth
a great liking for sweet-tasting foods
get nowhere fast
make no / little progress
pay sb's way
contribute your share of a bill / budget
white-collar job
office / clerical work
fly on the wall
an unnoticed observer of a particular situation
Achilles' heel
weakest point of sb's character
wash your hands of
(1) to refuse to accept responsibility for sth, (2) to abandon, renounce