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a pain in the neck
annoying person / thing
be all fingers and thumbs
be awkward, clumsy
get cold feet
lose courage to do sth
give sb the cold shoulder
ignore / shun sb
have a cheek / nerve
act / speak boldly or impudently
have a sharp tongue
tend to say unkind or hurtful things
have an eye for
be a good judge of sth
look down your nose at sth / sb
feel / act superior to sb
lose your head
lose self-control
put your heart and soul into sth
be devoted to sth
tongue in cheek
not serious, ironic
tooth and nail
turn a blind eye to sth
not lose any sleep over sth
not worry about sth
jack of all trades
sb who is able to do a variety of jobs
a storm in a teacup
a lot of fuss about sth that is not important
bring sth home to sb
make sb understand how important / serious sth is
bite off more than you can chew
try to do sth which is too difficult
in clover
living a luxurious / comfortable life
face the music
be criticised / punished for sth you have done