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above board
bark up the wrong tree
have a false idea about sth
be broke
have no / very little money
be full of beans
be very lively
be in sb's black books
be out of favour
beat about / around the bush
avoid saying directly what one means
behind bars
in prison
conceited; boastful
black and blue all over
covered with bruises
blessing in disguise
sth which appears bad at first but then turns out favourably
blue-eyed boy / golden boy
favoured person
bolt from (or out of) the blue
sudden and unexpected event
(informal) sudden clear idea / thought
break even
show neither loss nor profit
browned off
(informal) fed up; bored
butter sb up
flatter sb
catch sb red-handed
catch sb while committing a crime
by and large
generally speaking
a chip off the old block
sb who is very like one of his parents
cost a bomb
very expensive
deal a blow to
damage one's hopes
don't hold your breath
don't wait for sb / sth anxiously
drive a hard bargain
be a tough businessman
drop a brick
say sth tactlessly
feel / know sth in your bones
feeling sth instinctively
get your own back
take/get revenge
have a bee in your bonnet
talk obsessively about sth
have butterflies in your stomach
be very nervous about sth
in black and white
in writing
in the balance
kick the bucket
lay bare
make public
make a clean breast of
make sb's blood boil
cause sb to become very angry
on the spur of the moment
without thinking about sth
out of the blue
suddenly and unexpectedly
ring a bell
remind sb of sth
see the back of
be glad to see sb leave
take the bull by the horns
deal with sth boldly and directly
wet blanket
dull person who spoils people's happiness