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a piece of cake
sth very easy to do
a red-letter day
a very important day
a wild-goose chase
a hopeless search
be caught red-handed
be caught while committing a crime
be on the cards
be likely to happen
be over the moon
be elated
call sb names
insult sb
chair a meeting
preside over a meeting
crocodile tears
false tears
cross sb's mind
think of sth
cut sb dead
ignore sb
different as chalk and cheese
totally different
down in the dumps
depressed / miserable
down the drain
wasted; lost
get a bit hot under the collar
get angry
get sth off your chest
tell sb else about your problem
go to the dogs
have the cheek
dare to do sth
(keep your) chin up
don't be discouraged
let sleeping dogs lie
avoid mentioning a subject which could cause trouble
lost cause
hopeless situation or case
slightly unwell
on the dole
receiving unemployment benefit / social security
play your cards right
act cleverly
show sb's true colours
reveal sb's real character
with flying colours
with great success
not count your chickens before they're hatched
not assume sth before it happens