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be dying for sth
really want sth
be fit for
be good enough for
be worn out
be very tired
be green
be inexperienced
cook sb's goose
end sb's plans abruptly
fair and square
within the rules
fall head over heels
fall in love quickly
sb's ears are burning
other people are talking about them
sb attending a party, event etc without an invitation
get off on the wrong foot
argue or disagree at the beginning of a relationship
give and take
have a frog in one's throat
inability to speak due to nervousness
have the gift of the gab
be able to talk well, persuasively
hear it through / on the grapevine
find out information indirectly
in a flash
very quickly
it's all Greek to me
sth new or foreign; not easily understood
keep a straight face
manage to look serious under difficult circumstances
keep an eye on sth
guard / protect sth
meet behind closed doors
meet secretly
your own flesh and blood
your family or relations
plenty more fish in the sea
many more opportunities in life for love
put your foot down
insist on sth
put your foot in it ( US put your foot in your mouth)
make a tactless comment
take it easy
not work too hard / relax
take sb for granted
not appreciate sb