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a bit of a dark horse
person with hidden abilities
be for the high jump
about to be reprimanded / punished
be in two minds about sth
not be able to decide what to do
be sound asleep
sleep deeply
be the perfect image of sb
look exactly like sb
before you can say Jack Robinson
extremely quickly
break the ice
ease the tension when one first meets people
come in handy
be very useful / practical
eat your heart out
feel jealous / sad about sth
flog a dead horse
waste time doing sth useless
fly off the handle
quickly become very angry
get out of hand
become out of control
get the hang of it
get in the habit of doing sth
go to sb's head
(1) (of alcohol) make sb feel drunk, (2) make sb vain, conceited
grey matter
brains; intelligence
hand in glove with sb
be in very close contact with sb
have a job to do sth
find sth difficult to do
have your heart in your mouth
be extremely anxious about sth
have many irons in the fire
have lots of plans / possibilities in progress at the same time
have time on your hands
have free time
have sb's hands full
be very busy with sth
hold your horses
wait, be patient
ill at ease
embarrassed, uncomfortable
keep sth under one's hat
keep sth secret
keep up with the Joneses
compete with others in status / material goods
lend sb a hand
give help to sb
like the back of one's hand
be very familiar with sth
lose heart
become discouraged
make head or tail of
off the cuff
without preparation
stew in one's own juice
suffer the consequences of one's own actions
straight from the horse's mouth
from the most direct source
strike gold
come across sth useful
take sth to heart
take personally / be influenced by
take to your heels
run away
the ins and outs
the details of an activity
the tip of the iceberg
small evident part of a much larger, concealed situation