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at large
free not caught
be in the know
be well-informed
bring sb / sth to their knees
destroy, humble
bury your head in the sand
avoid or ignore reality / responsibility
come to a head
reach a critical point
drop sb a line
send sb a letter
fine kettle of fish
confused state of affairs
get rid of sth
give sth unwanted away
go to any lengths
do anything necessary to get sth you want
have kittens
be nervous / anxious about sth
keep your fingers crossed
hope that sth will turn out well
keep (yourself) to yourself
live quietly, privately
make a killing
have a sudden great success / profit
make light of
treat sth as unimportant
make / earn a living
earn money
be on the level
to be acting or speaking honestly
pull sb's leg
tease or trick sb
shed light upon
give new / further information
sleep like a log
be sound asleep
the life and soul of sth
the most lively and amusing person present somewhere
the lion's share
the biggest part
turn over a new leaf
make a new start
with a view to doing sth
with the intention or hope of doing sth