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a night owl
person who enjoys staying up lat
be second to none
be the best
cross sb's mind
occur to one, have a sudden idea, recall sth
cry over spilt milk
grieve over sth that can't be put right
every nook and cranny
feel / be down in the mouth
feel discouraged / depressed
get a move on
hurry up
get on sb's nerves
irritate / annoy sb
have an early night
go to bed early
hit the nail on the head
say exactly the right thing
in a nutshell
briefly, in a few words
lose nerve
lose courage
make a name for oneself
become famous / respected for sth
make hay while the sun shines
take advantage of favourable circumstances
make money hand over fist
make a lot of money quickly and easily
make a getaway
moon around
look miserable
null and void
invalid, not legally binding
once in a blue moon
very rarely
put sb's name forward
nominate sb
put words into one's mouth
pretend that sb has said sth that they haven't actually said
slip sb's mind
forget about sth
work a miracle
make sth almost impossible happen
give the green light to sth
give permission to proceed with sth