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a bitter pill to swallow
a difficult fact to accept
against all odds
despite the difficulties
be out of practice
lacking practice
come to the point
reach the main point in a discussion
fall into place
become clear
get the sack
be dismissed from one's job
get the wrong end of the stick
misunderstand completely what has been said
golden opportunity
the best chance to gain sth
grease sb's palm
bribe sb
grow out of sth
become too large to wear (a garment)
have no option but
must, have no choice
in public
in the presence of other people
in the offing
likely to happen
off the point
once and for all
for the last time
complete, total
out in the open
(of secrets) revealed, known
out of print
(of books) not available anymore
out of the frying pan into the fire
from a situation to a worse / similar one
part and parcel of
basic part of
past your / its prime
past the best stage
pop the question
make a proposal of marriage
short and sweet
brief but pleasant (usu ironic)
status symbol
property / possession that shows sb's highsocial rank, wealth etc
take things to pieces
dismantle things
throw a party
have / hold a party
white elephant
useless / unwanted possession