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an unknown quantity
a person or thing whose nature, value, or significance cannot be determined or is not yet known
as a last resort
when all else has failed
at close quarters
from a short distance
be in a quandary
be confused; undecided
beg the question
makes people want to ask a particular question
call it quits
give up / stop
cut sb to the quick
deeply hurt sb's feelings
hit the roof
get very angry
in a rut
be stuck in a monotonous routine
in the long run
after a long period of time
it stands to reason
it is logical
keep sth quiet
keep sth secret
know the ropes
know all the details of sth
off the record
on the quiet
open to debate
not decided / settled
out of the question
put down roots
settle down
work to rule
adhere strictly to the rules as a form of protest
rack sb's brains
think very hard about sth