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ἐτος, ἐτους, n
storm, winter
χειμων, χειμωνος, m
fast, faster, fastest
ταχυς, θαττων, ταχιστος
just, fair
δικαιος, δικαια, δικαιον
I say, speak, tell
λεγω, ἐρω, εἰπον, ἐρρηθην
I try
πειραομαι, πειρασομαι
kindly, more kindly, most kindly
εὐνους, εὐνουστερος, εὐνουστατος
I announce
ἀγγελλω, ἀγγελω, ἠγγειλα, ἠγγελθην
bad, inferior, most inferior
κακος, χειρων, χειριστος
I find
εὑρισκω, εὑρησω, ηὑρον, ηὑρεθην
I hate
sweet, sweeter, sweetest
ἡδυς, ἡδιων, ἡδιστος
out of, from
ἐκ or ἐξ (+gen)
beginning, power, empire
ἀρχη, ἀρχης, f