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man, human being
homo, hominis, m (n3)
hora, horae, f (n1)
to encourage, urge
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum (v1deponent)
hortus, horti, m (n2)
hostis, hostis, m (n3)
to lie
iaceo, iacere, iacui (v2)
to throw
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus (v3)
now, already
iam (adv)
ianua, ianuae, f (n1)
ibi (adv)
the same
idem, eadem, idem (pron)
therefore, and so
igitur (adv)
that, he, she, it
ille, illa, illud (pron)
emperor, general, leader
imperator, imperatoris, m (n3)
to order, command, have power
impero, imperare, imperavi, imperatus (+dat, v1)