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goodbye, farewell!
vale! valete! (pl, vimperative)
validus, valida, validum (adj)
violently, loudly
vehementer (adv)
to sell
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditus (v3)
to come
venio, venire, veni (v4)
verbum, verbi, n (n2)
to turn
verto, vertere, verti, versus (v3)
your (plural), yours
vester, vestra, vestrum (pron)
street, road, way
via, viae, f (n1)
victoria, victoriae, f (n1)
to see
video, videre, vidi, visus (v2)
to seem, appear
videor, videri, visus sum (v2deponent)
house, country villa
villa, villae, f (n1)
vinum, vini, n (n2)
vir, viri, m (n2)