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crudelitas, crudelitatis, f
auxilium, auxilii, n (n2)
to flee for refuge
confugio, confugere, confugi (v3)
high, deep
altus, alta, altum (adj)
to arrive
advenio, advenire, adveni (v4)
to be absent, away from, distant from
absum, abesse, afui (virregular)
to dare
audeo, audere, ausus sum (v2)
furor, furoris, m
at another time
before, in front of
ante (+acc, prep)
empire, power, command
imperium, imperii, n (n2)
spirit, soul, mind
animus, animi, m (n2)
bellum, belli, n (n2)
among, with, at the house of
apud (+acc, prep)
freedman, ex-slave
libertus, liberti, m (n2)