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Basic Trigonometry

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The study of triangles. You can use it to find the length of a side or the size of an angle using other sides and angles, sin, cos and tan.
The helpful word used to remember which equation to use.
Stands for Sin, Opposite, Hypotenuse. Sin(x) = opp/hyp.
Stands for Cos, Adjacent, Hypotenuse. Cos(x) = adj/hyp.
Stands for Tan, Opposite, Adjacent. Tan(x) = opp/adj.
The longest side of a right-angled triangle. Also, the side opposite the right angle.
Sin, Cos and Tan become Sin⁻¹, Cos⁻¹ and Tan⁻¹
When rearranging the equation to put them ont he opposite side of the (=)
If you need to find a side and you have the other two
You can use Pythagoras' Theorem