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N-stem nouns neuter

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þata wato
water, sing. nom./acc. neut.
þis watins
water, sing. gen. neut.
þamma watin
water, sing. dat. neut.
þo watna
water, plur. nom./acc. neut.
þize watne
water, plur. gen. neut.
þaim watnam
water, plur. dat. neut.
þata namo
name, declined like wato
þata hairto
heart, sing. nom./acc. neut.
þis hairtins
heart, sing. gen. neut.
þamma hairtin
heart, sing. dat. neut.
þo hairtona
heart, plur. nom./acc. neut.
þize hairtone
heart, plur. gen. neut.
þaim hairtonam
heart, plur. dat. neut.