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Jo-stem nouns fem.

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so sunja
truth, sing. nom. fem.
þo sunja
truth, sing. acc. fem.
þizos sunjos
truth, sing. gen. fem.
þizai sunjai
truth, sing. dat. fem.
þos sunjos
truth, plur. nom./acc. fem.
þizo sunjo
truth, plur. gen. fem.
þaim sunjom
truth, plur. dat. fem.
so mawi
maiden, sing. nom. fem.
þizos maujos
maiden, sing. gen. fem.
þizai maujai
maiden, sing. dat. fem.
þo mauja
maiden, sing. acc. fem.
þos maujos
maiden, plur. nom./acc. fem.
þizo maujo
maiden, plur. gen. fem.
þaim maujom
maiden, plur. dat. fem.