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A-stem adjective weak

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sa blinda
the blind, sing. nom. masc.
þata blindo
the blind, sing. nom. neut.
so blindo
the blind, sing. nom. fem.
þis blindins
the blind, sing. gen. masc./neut.
þizos blindons
the blind, sing. gen. fem.
þamma blindin
the blind, sing. dat. masc./neut.
þizai blindon
the blind, sing. dat. fem.
þana blindan
the blind, sing. acc. masc.
þata blindon
the blind, sing. acc. neut.
þo blindon
the blind, sing. acc. fem.
þai blindans
the blind, plur. nom. masc.
þo blindona
the blind, plur. nom./acc. neut.
þos blindons
the blind, plur. nom./acc. fem.
þize blindane
the blind, plur. gen. masc./neut.
þizo blindono
the blind, plur. gen. fem.
þaim blindam
the blind, plur. dat. masc./neut.
þaim blindom
the blind, plur. dat. fem.
þans blindans
the blind, plur. acc. masc.