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The declension of menoþs and reiks

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sa menoþs
month, sing. nom. masc.
þana menoþ
month, sing. acc. masc.
þis menoþs
month, sing. gen. masc.
þamma menoþ
month, sing. dat. masc.
þai menoþs
month, plur. nom. masc.
þans menoþs
month, plur. acc. masc.
þize menoþe
month, plur. gen. masc.
þaim menoþum
month, plur. dat. masc.
sa reiks
ruler, sing. nom. masc.
þana reik
ruler, sing. dat./acc. masc.
þis reikis
ruler, sing. gen. masc.
þamma reik
ruler, sing. dat. masc.
þai reiks
ruler, plur. nom. masc.
þans reiks
ruler, plur. acc. masc.
þize reike
ruler, plur. gen. masc.
þaim reikam
ruler, plur. dat. masc.