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The declension of baurgs, mitaþs and nahts (Conson

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so baurgs
city, sing. nom. fem.
þo baurg
city, sing. acc. fem.
þizos baurgs
city, sing. gen. fem.
þizai baurg
city, sing. dat. fem.
þos baurgs
city, plur. nom./acc. fem.
þizo baurge
city, plur. gen. fem.
þaim baurgim
city, plur. dat. fem.
so mitaþs
measure, sing. nom. fem.
þo mitaþ
measure, sing. acc. fem.
þizos mitads
measure, sing. gen. fem.
þizai mitad
measure, sing. dat./acc. fem.
þos mitads
measure, plur. nom./acc. fem.
þizo mitade
measure, plur. gen. fem.
þaim mitadim
measure, plur. dat. fem.
so nahts
night, sing. nom. fem.
þo naht
night, sing. acc. fem.
þizos nahts
night, sing. gen. fem.
þizai naht
night, sing. dat. fem.
þos nahts
night, plur. nom./acc. fem.
þizo nahte
night, plur. gen. fem.
þaim nahtam
night, plur. dat. fem.