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ik fullnau
I should become full
þu fullnais
you should become full, sing.
is fullnai
he should become full
wit fullnaiwa
we should become full, dual
weis fullnaima
we should become full
jut fullnaits
you should become full, dual
jus fullnaiþ
you should become full, plural
eis fullnaina
they should become full
ik fullnodedjau
I would become full
þu fullnodedeis
you would become full, sing.
is fullnodedi
he would become full
wit fullnodedeiwa
we would become full, dual
weis fullnodedeima
we would become full
jut fullnodedeits
you would become full, dual
jus fullnodedeiþ
you would become full, plural
eis fullnodedeina
they would become full