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Port comes from where?
The Douro in Portugal
How is fermentation stopped in the Port-making process?
A grape derived sprit is added before all sugars have been fermented
Port which generally is aged for less than three years?
Ruby Port
What is unique about Late Bottled Vintage ports?
They are made from a single year's harvest
Why do vintage ports need to be decanted?
They leave a large deposit as they age
Reserve Tawny Ports are aged in oak for a minimum of how many years?
7 years
Do Reserve Tawny ports need to be decanted?
What are the best Reserve Tawny Ports?
Tawny Ports with Indication of Age labelled as 10, 20, 30 or 40 years old
Tawny ports should be served at what temperature?
Slightly chilled
Other ports should be served at what temperature?
Room temperature