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Distillation and Spirits

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Cognac and Armagnac are what?
Types of Brandy
Brandy is a spirit made by distilling what?
Armagnac comes from where?
A region south of Bordeaux
Do Brandy and Armagnac have to be aged?
What is the oldest aged Brandy called?
XO (Napoleon)
What is the youngest aged Brandy called?
What is medium-aged brandy called?
Spanish brandies are?
deep in colour, full bodied with medium sweetness
Calvados is?
A spirit made in Northern France from fermented apple or pear juice
'Conversion' is what?
Conversion of starch into sugar in Whiskey making
Rules for Scotch Whiskey?
Must be made in Scotland and aged in oak casks for minimum of three years
What is a single malt Whiskey?
A malt whiskey that comes from only one distillery
What is blended scotch Whiskey?
A blend of malt and grain whiskey
Which Whiskey is filtered through maplewood charcoal?
What is the name for the parts of the fermented juice that burn off first?
The heads
What is the name of the parts of the fermented juice that burns off in the middle and is used in the spirit?
The hearts
What is the name for of the parts of the fermented juice that burn off last and are usually not used for the spirit?
The tails
Rum is made from?
Tequila is made from?
Blue agave
Anejo and reposado tequilas means what?
They have been aged in oak
Which Tequila do purists say is best?
Vodka is made from?
Any fermentable material
Gin is made from?
Botanicals - mainly juniper
Very cheap gins simply add flavour essences - this process is called?
Cold compounding
Distilled Gin or London Dry Gin mean?
A superior method of distillation is used such as soaking the botanicals in the spirit