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El carácter de Adela

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'Yo no quiero estar encerrada.'
Adela, Act 1: I don't want to be imprisoned.
'Mañana me pondré mi vestido verde y me echaré a pasear por la calle.'
Adela, Act 1: Tomorrow, I will put on my green dress and let myself going walking in the street.
'Yo quiero salir.'
Adela, Act 1: I want to leave.
'Yo hago con mi cuerpo lo que me parece!'
Adela, Act 2: I do with my body what I want!
'Mi cuerpo será de quien yo quiera.'
Adela, Act 2: My body will be whoever's I want.
'Una mulilla sin desbravar.'
Martirio, Act 2: The untamed mule. (About Adela and her visits to Pepe at night)
'Mirando sus ojos me parece que bebo su sangre lentamente.
Adela, Act 2: Looking into his eyes feels like I'm drinking his blood slowly.
'Voy a beber agua.'
Adela, Act 3: I'm going to drink water.
'Pepe el Romano es mío. El me lleva a los juncos de la orilla.'
Adela, Act 3: Pepe el Romano is mine. He leads me to the reeds on the shore.
'Aquí se acabaron las voces de presidio.'
Adela, Act 3: Here, I hear the voices of incarceation. (She then breaks Bernarda's stick)