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Cultural heritage

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cultural heritage
di san van hoa
historic heritage
di san lich su
architectural heritage
di san kien truc
contributes to greater cultural cohension of communities
gop phan tao nen tinh nhat quan ve VH cua cong dong
providing a legacy for future generations
cung cap di san cho the he tuong lai
promotes a sense of national and regional identity
lam thang tien niem tu hao dan toc va vung mien
architecture plays a key role in shaping our environment
kien truc dong mot vai tro then chot trong viec tao hinh moi truong
contributes to the attractiveness of our environment
tao nen su thu hut cho moi truong chung ta
contributes to the transmission of culture
gop phan tao nen su chuyen tiep ve VH
ancient monument reflect the history
tuong dai co xua phan anh lich su
...customs and social values of our past generations
...van hoa va gia tri XH cua the he cha ong
monumental buildings have a key role in attracting tourists
nhung toa nha mang tinh tuong dai co mot vai tro then chot trong viec thu hut khach du lich
public artworks
tac pham nghe thuat cua cong chung