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the feeling that you have no connection with the people around you
be all ears
to be waiting eagerly to hear about something
a meeting where the manager of an employee talks to them about the quality of their work
unable to continue in business because you cannot pay your debts
birth rate
the number of births which happen during a period of time in a particular place
bite your tongue
to stop yourself from saying something which you would really like to say
break sb’s heart
to make someone who loves you very sad, usually by telling them you have stopped loving them
a bacteria or virus, or the illness that it causes
bump into sb
to meet someone you know when you have not planned to meet
go bust
If a business goes bust, it stops trading because it does not have enough money.
catch sb’s eye
to get someone’s attention, especially by looking at them
cause a stir
generate a lot of interest or excitement
chin up
something you say to someone in a difficult situation in order to encourage them to be brave and try not to be sad
a Cockney person comes from East London, especially the poorer part, and uses a type of speech from that area
typical of a low social class
when a group of people secretly plan to do something bad or illegal
criterion (plur criteria)
a standard by which you judge, decide about or deal with something
calm, serious and behaving in a way that makes people respect you
causing trouble and therefore stopping something from continuing as usual
different and separate
anxious and unable to think carefully
be down in the mouth
to be sad
the ability to keep doing something difficult, unpleasant, or painful for a long time
(=expatriate) someone who does not live in their own country
fall head over heels in love with sb
to suddenly become completely in love with somebody
Something far-reaching has a great influence on many people or things.
get into the habit of doing sth
to start to do something often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it
give sb a hand
to help someone
great sadness, especially caused by someone’s death
have a finger in every pie
to be involved in and have influence over many different activities, often in a way that people do not approve of
have your head in the clouds
If someome has his/her head in the clouds he/she often daydreams and is not very practical.
to give a possible but not yet proved explanation for something
putting a plan or system into operation
a disease in a part of your body that is caused by bacteria or a virus
keep sb on their toes
Someone or something that keeps you on your toes forces you to continue directing all your attention and energy to what you are doing.
keep your fingers crossed
to hope that things will happen in the way that you want them to
manual skills
the ability to perform tasks well or make things with your hands
a painting, book, or film that is generally considered to be of excellent quality
mental agility
the ability to think quickly and clearly
the amount of confidence or hope for the future that people feel
something that will solve all problems
pass sth/sb off as sth/sb
to pretend that something or someone is a particular thing or person when they are not
a plan to do something bad
from a high social class
If an idea or piece of work is profound, it shows intelligence or a great ability to understand.
put sb’s mind at rest
to stop someone from worrying about something
rack your brain(s)
to think very hard
a long story about a lot of people or events
set your heart on sth/doing sth
to want to get or achieve something very much
tear your hair out
If you tear your hair out over a problem, you are worrying a lot about it.
three Rs
the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic/maths
the problem or situation of children being absent from school regularly without permission; when children play truant
rude and likely to upset or anger people, especially by referring to sex and the body in an unpleasant way