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when someone is given permission to enter somewhere or to become a member of a club, university, etc
to give support or help to a person, proposal, or idea
to (cause to) move backwards
break with tradition
to intentionally not continue doing something that is normal, expected or traditional
to give someone instructions or information about what they should do or say
to crush food into smaller, softer pieces with the teeth so that it can be swallowed
something that people have said or done so much that it has become boring or has no real meaning
an amount or level of something
money that you spend when you are doing your job, that your employer will pay back to you
follow suit
to do the same thing as someone else
something that is used only to get people’s attention, especially to make them buy something
to make a law, system, plan, etc start to happen or operate
keep hold of sth
to continue to hold something firmly with your hands or arms
keep a promise
to do what you have told someone that you would do
a number or letter that is written on a piece of work, saying how good the work is
mark my words
something that you say when you tell someone about something that you are certain will happen in the future
mark time
to do little while waiting for something that is going to happen
meet your match
to compete unsuccessfully with someone
meet a deadline
to succeed in doing something by the time or day on which it has to be done
something that makes it difficult for you to go somewhere or to succeed at something
(time spent working) after the usual time needed or expected in a job
PA (personal assistant)
someone whose job is helping someone in a higher position, especially writing letters, arranging meetings, and making telephone calls
personal statement
a piece of formal, persuasive writing in which someone proposes him or herself as a suitable candidate for a course of study
showing great skill
put sth/sb forward
to state an idea or opinion, or to suggest a plan or person, for other people to consider
an argument
the strength to get better quickly after damage, illness, shock, etc
not wanting to do something
happening on a particular number of regular occasions
for sb’s sake
in order to help or bring advantage to someone
the range of a subject covered by a book, programme, discussion, class, etc.
set (a clock)
to get something ready so that it comes into operation or can be used
set the table
to put a cloth, knives and forks, etc. on the table in preparation for a meal
If time or money is tight, there is only just enough of it.
a piece of useful advice
an extra amount of money that you give to a driver, someone working in a restaurant, etc to thank them
a place where people take things that they want to get rid of
on track
making progress and likely to succeed
to strongly advise an action