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to emphasize something so that people notice it
facts that you can use to criticize someone
to provide yourself or others with equipment or knowledge in order to complete a particular task
a person, skill, or quality which is useful or helps you to succeed
backup plan
something that you have arranged in case your main plan goes wrong
a short period of illness or involvement in an activity
a series of organized activities or events intended to achieve a result
without taking or without seeming to take much interest; without finding something important
money that you pay to someone because you are responsible for injuring them or damaging something
giving a lot of information clearly in a few words
confront sb with sth
to tell someone what they do not want to hear, often because it is something bad that they have done or because it needs an explanation
constructive criticism
If criticism is constructive, it is useful and intended to help or improve something.
counter- argument
an argument against another argument, idea or suggestion
to make someone more important like you by being very polite and helpful in a way that is not sincere
crop up
to happen or appear suddenly
when you give a lot of time and energy to something because it is important
drop hints
to tell someone something in a way that is not direct
exceptional case
an unusual example or situation
a bad quality or fault that someone or something has
gear up for sth
to prepare for something that you have to do
a strong complaint
not hold out much hope
to not feel very positive about something happening or about achieving something successfully
hot air
If something that someone says is hot air, it is not sincere and will have no practical results.
jot sth down
to write something quickly on a piece of paper so that you remember it
when someone stops employing someone, sometimes temporarily, because there is no money to pay them or because there is no work for them
in the meantime
until something expected happens, or while something else is happening
calm and relaxed
If someone is moody, they are often unfriendly because they feel angry or unhappy.
an activity that you enjoy doing when you are not working
perfect timing
doing something at exactly the right time
pluck up the courage to do sth
to force yourself to be brave enough to do something, although you are frightened or worried about it
pluck sth out of the air
to say something quickly, usually because a reply is expected, without having thought about it or made certain it is correct
to do something before something else happens in order to prevent it or reduce its effect
to cause something
put sth across
to express your ideas and opinions clearly so that people understand them easily
raise objections to
to express opposition to or dislike of something or someone
to have an upper and a lower limit in amount, number, etc
someone who sells products to the public
If a situation is described as rosy, it gives hope of success or happiness.
(of colours in clothes) to come out or spread
a method of learning in which students use books, videos, etc. to study on their own
to carefully look at every part of something in order to find something
sink in
If an unpleasant or surprising fact or idea sinks in, you gradually start to believe it, understand it, or realize the effect it will have on you.
happening naturally and suddenly and without being planned
to speak a lot, in a way that is boring or annoying for other people
stick up for sb
to defend or support a particular idea or a person who is being criticized or attacked
suffer in silence
to experience physical or mental pain without saying anything
someone in a higher position than you at work
take ages to
to spend a long time
when someone says they will do something that will affect you badly if you do not do what they want
(= a point of view) an opinion