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a lot of something
good enough, but not very good
a person who formally requests something, especially a job, or a place at college or university
bear in mind
to remember a piece of information when you are making a decision or thinking about a matter
on behalf of
representing; instead of
a person employed to take care of a large building, such as a school, and who deals with the cleaning, repairs, etc.
to give or send information to a group of people
high, steep rocks beside the sea
come to terms with
to gradually accept a sad situation
to begin something
competitive salary
a good salary compared to the amount paid for similar jobs
in compliance with
obeying an order, rule, or request
crystal clear
extremely clear
curriculum vitae
a short written description of your education, qualifications, previous jobs, which you send to an employer when you are trying to get a job
the feeling of being extremely upset or worried
extremely loving and caring
drive sb mad
to make someone extremely annoyed
to remove something from something, or get rid of something
sent to someone in an envelope with a letter
to become or make someone become an official member of a course, college, or group
someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves risks
something that has the same value, importance, size, or meaning as something else
to be more than a particular number or amount
not lift a finger
to not make any effort to help
flick through sth
to look quickly at the pages of a magazine, book, etc.
formal qualification
an official record showing that you have finished a training course or have the necessary skills, etc
money needed or available to spend on something
get sth off the ground
If a plan or activity gets off the ground or you get it off the ground, it starts or succeeds.
get to the point
say the thing that is most important
give out
If a machine or part of your body gives out, it stops working.
using unusual methods to get attention for your ideas, products, etc
have a row with
to have a noisy argument or fight
an idyllic place or experience is extremely pleasant, beautiful, or peaceful.
making you feel hopeful or encouraged
lead sb to believe
to cause someone to believe something, especially something incorrect
look into
to examine the facts about a problem or situation
make up your mind
to decide
an area of water where people keep their boats
move on
to leave the place where you are staying and go somewhere else
a person who studies and knows a lot about plants and animals
no wonder
It is not surprising.
the final result of an activity or process
to not notice or consider something
peak times are the times when most people are using or doing something
people skills
the ability to relate well to other people and be liked
done or acting quickly and without waiting, or arriving at the correct time
the person who was in a job or position before
puzzle over sth
to try to solve a problem or understand a situation by thinking carefully about it
to make land good enough to be used for growing crops
in the same order as the people or things you have just talked about
rule out
"to decide or state that something is impossible or will not happen, or that something or someone is not suitable"
dirty and untidy
Shatterproof glass or plastic, etc. is made so that it will not break into small pieces.
a line that shows the position of the side areas of play, especially for football
honest and saying or showing what you really feel or believe
to move yourself into a warm and comfortable position, especially one in which your body is against another person or covered
speak your mind
to say what you think about something very directly
done quickly
split second
a very short moment of time
to be extremely bad or unpleasant
make straight for
to go immediately in the direction of a place or thing
swarm with
If a place is swarming with people or things, there are large numbers of them moving around it.
closely connected
difficult to do or to deal with
a type of path or road, often in the shape of a ring, which has been specially designed and built for sports events, especially racing
in trouble
in a situation in which you experience problems, usually because of something you have done wrong or badly
describes food, especially meat, that is cooked for only a short time, or for less time than is necessary
an unearthly hour
a time that is not at all convenient because it is too early in the morning or too late at night
What’s the catch?
What is the hidden problem or disadvantage?
the window at the front of a vehicle